I’m twitterpated

OK, so I’m convinced. I’ve been on Facebook for two years, ignoring it completely until pretty recently. And, you know, it really is a Very Cool Thing to reconnect.

High school friends and acquaintances, college and work pals — if you’ve been through a couple of reincarnations, you’ve got people out there you’ve not seen for a while.

For me, there’s family, high school, swim team, college, the Forest Service, a law book publisher, a magazine publisher, graduate school, freelance work, a newspaper, more freelance work, a book publishing workshop, a TV station. I am really enjoying the pings I’m getting from different aspects of my life. It’s putting them all together on Facebook that’s kind of weird. Indeed, I’m sure there are PhD candidates doing dissertations on the sociological implications of Facebook facetime.

Let’ em. I’m having fun reconnecting.


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